We’re baaaaaaacckkk!

At long last, N & B Naturals has returned online.  Sorry for the hiatus but we are back, baby!

N&B participated in the 3rd Annual Ramona Street Fair in Southeast Portland on July 31, 2011, which revamped our passion for our products and our customers!  We featured our TOP 4 FAVORITES: Good Morning, Oregon!, Lemon Treehugger, Palmarosa Winter, & Passionate Mary.  We were very happy to see everyone out there, especially our returning customers!

Just a reminder about these flavors:

Good Morning, Oregon! combines the oils of Grapefruit and Oregano for a bright and cheery pick-me-up any time of the day.

Lemon Treehugger is a fun and light balm that combines Lemon Grass and Cedar wood essential oils that allow you to enjoy Oregon’s delightful summertime all year round!

Palmarosa Winter is a smooth and calming balm scented with Palmarosa (mild and herbal) and Eucalyptus essential oils.  This balm is perfect for the calm, cool and collected or the wild, wicked and rowdy.

Passionate Mary is a mild and soothing blend of Passion fruit flavor with Rosemary essential oils to make your lips pop.  Men actually really like this one!

 Did you know??

  • N & B labels EVERY lip balm tube with every single ingredient we use!
  • Because we don’t have hair or sweat glands on our lips, they are extra sensitive, hence chapped lips. So it’s extra important to take good care of them!  So, pucker up and give us a try!

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Palmarosa pleasantries

Palmarosa is a highly fragrant grass indigenous to Pakistan and India, but now is cultivated in several countries, across a few different continents.  It’s in the same family as lemongrass and citronella.  Palmarosa is also known as East Indian and Turkish geranium and Indian rosha or motia.  Obviously, there are a few different names for this sweet, rose-like oil but all of them mean the same thing…pure goodness.

Palmarosa is an antiseptic, which helps fight infection and it’s an anti-viral and a bactericide which inhibits and helps stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. Palmarosa also promotes cell growth and provides hydration to fight the usual wear and tear aging, the natural elements and stress put on us.

Often used in aromatherapy, Palmarosa oil is appreciated for its calming and uplifting effect.  Some say it “clears muddled thinking” even.  It’s both soothing and calming.  Palmarosa essential oil is considered a non-irritant, non-toxic, non-sensitizing material, so this one should be safe for everyone!

Its soft scent is one of N & B’s new favorites.  Try out our Palmarosa Winter and look for new lip balms featuring this cool and calm essential oil.

Cheers & Happy Lips,

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New Lip Balms!

We’ve added some awesome combinations to our lip balm stash!  Let’s meet the new line up:

Good Morning, Oregon!

Today is a good day!  Imagine this: Oregano meets grapefruit.  These two essential oils together bring you back to the good ol’ days – combining savory with sweet and memories of home.  Try it!  You won’t be disappointed.

Passionate Mary

Passionate Mary is newest addition to the Rosemary line.   Satisfy your neglected lips with this delightful combination of passionfruit flavor and rosemary essential oil.   Passionate Mary is a boost of confidence with a hint of passion.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself  – “My lips look GOOD!”.

Palmarosa Winter

This winter is going to be a cold one.  Don’t be caught out in the blistery weather without your lip balm.  Be ready for the cold and be nice to your lips!  Palmarosa Winter is your best bet to keeping your lips happy.  This lip balm combines refreshing feel of eucalyptus with the satisfying scent of palmarosa.  Smooth and impressive.  Just like you!

Lemon TreeHugger

We love trees here in the Northwest!  This lip balm combines the invigorating yet calming scent of lemongrass with the soft scent of cedar.  Whisk yourself away to your favorite forest every day.   Walk confident and keep that smile on your lips.  Hug a tree!  You can’t go wrong with this one.

So, you’ve met the newest additions.  What do you think?  Want to try one, two… maybe try one of each!  They are only $2 per tube.  You can still order your other favorites like vanilla villain, minty mary or vanilla pucker.  All of our varieties can be ordered by filling out the form to your right – you see it over there?  And always, feel free to contact us with questions.

Cheers & Happy Lips!

Nina & Bettle


Rosemary my favorite essential oil. 😉  Rosemary is used in a variety of products including lip balm, massage oils, shampoo and very commonly found in different cuisines of the world.

Rosemary is actually in the Mint family, along with myrtle, lavender, basil and sage.  It’s said to have uplifting and invigorating effects when used as an aromatic and is used to fight mild depression and mind fatigue, even boost memory recall and improve concentration.  Maybe I’ll try putting on lip balm before I study everyday and put it on before the final and see what happens. Stay tuned, careful testing required.

Rosemary is as an antiseptic and a powerful stimulant. In fact, people who are prone to muscle spasms are recommended to use with caution if using directly or in high concentrations.  Its also recommended that people with high blood pressure, pregnant and nursing women and people with epilepsy not use rosemary at any concentration.

I find rosemary especially neutral so it’s great for all members of the family. It is also especially appealing to my dog, so make sure you keep this one away from your furry family members.

Cheers & Happy Lips,

Betsy (The “B” of N&B Naturals)

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Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is one of N&B’s favorite essential oils and is used in a number of our recipes in combination with other fantastic oils. Lemon grass has an awesome citrus aroma that smells to me like lemon drop candy…. nostalgic.  But, unlike lemon drops (which are likely not made with wholesome ingredients), our lemon grass lip balm is made with real and wholesome ingredients that you will reward you with the pleasing smell of joy on your soft, kissable lips!

Let’s check out some interesting things about lemon grass:

Lemon grass is said to have the following properties (see definitions page for more info on each one):






This oil is awesome because it is said to help with stress, calm anxiety and help you relax.  Lemon grass has also been seen to repel insects like flies, mosquitoes and fleas as well as treat athlete’s foot.

I showcase these great lemon grass properties, but that is not to say that you should spread our lip balm all over your feet… you can continue to just enjoy our soothing balm on your lips.  But, feel free to use a few drops of lemon grass in water and spritz around your house to repel insects and brighten your mood.  🙂 Consult with your doctor about that pesky athlete’s foot (and remember your flip flops at the gym next time!!).

You can order some of N & B Naturals lip balm with lemon grass by clicking on the “Order Forms” page or by emailing info@nbnaturals.com.

Cheers & Happy Lips!

-N & B

Additional Resources:


375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols, by Jeanne Rose

The Aromatherapy Companion, by Victoria Edwards

The Essential Oils Book, by Colleen K. Dodt


Disclaimer:  We love our products and we hope you do too!  But Remember, we are not doctors. We do our best to find reliable information but N & B Naturals can not guarantee the information listed above.   Always practice caution when trying new products and check with your doctor if you are pregnant or have any conditions or allergies.  Another thing: DO NOT eat or drink essential oils!!!  Essential oils are powerful and VERY concentrated, so use wisely and conservatively – dilute in another substance such as almond oil or water before using.